Hi, my name is Ev and I am a community-builder, who believes in bringing people and ideas together to create a more colorful world.  As a community-builder, I imagine a world of wonder where we can all celebrate, create, and contribute our unique gifts without fear.  Oprah Winfrey shares in order to master anything we must invest thousands of hours on our practice.  My practice over the forty years has been The Power of Wonder, the ability to dream and create beyond life’s limitations. 

The reason why this important is because we would have less division, violence, and limitations as individuals and as a community. What if we could work with our inner and outer struggles with The Power of Wonder so that we can experience more inner peace, innovation, and transformation? Let’s explore The Power of Wonder, together.  Welcome to heartwonders.com!

read about my story

If we can imagine ourselves at four years old, heading to preschool for the first time.  We all had that wonder of wanting to explore a world beyond our home. I was one of those children. I remember grabbing my backpack wanting to explore my power of wonder like the children I saw on Sesame Street.  I wanted to explore a world beyond the violence in my home. 

When I got to school my darkness continued to be my reality, my pre-school teacher abused me regularly and locked me in a janitor’s closet.  I remember sitting in the closet next to the mop crying until I was numb.  I didn’t know why I was there.  I was convinced that I wasn’t valuable enough to be seen or to be heard, both at home and school. 

Maybe this is the part of the story where we can all relate.  Reflect on a moment in your life when you experience fear.  Maybe you felt alone, with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn to.  Imagine feeling that way at the age of four, feeling powerless with no one to turn to at home or at school. 

So you are probably wondering how I was capable of expressing the Power of Wonder in the midst of that.

After I stopped crying I found peace in the silence of the dark closet I was in.  I then used my imagination as I looked through the keyhole and I wondered what would it be like to play on the other side of the door.  I wondered what it would be like to paint with the other children on the other side of the door.  I wondered what would it be like to be like the children on Sesame Street.  

I started to create what I wanted to experience on the floor in the janitor’s closet.  I created art with the scraps of paper I found in the closet.  In hindsight, by realizing that I was creating something on that floor, made me believe that something in me was good. I felt valuable and worthy because something in me was good. Today I am on the other side of the door helping others see beyond their limitations and explore a world of wonder. There is good in each of us, let’s explore and innovate that.

The question is how can we do that for ourselves?

The answer is within you…the Power of Wonder.

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