Making a Difference


Cultivating the Power of Wonder

My early professional career as a teacher allowed me to cultivate The Power of Wonder by creating alternative learning curriculums with inner-city children who were perceived by some in the public school system as problems to society.   According to the social and economic inequality statistics of crime and poverty, these children were destined to fail. 

Empowering others to Lead

Through The Power of Wonder, I created an inclusive learning environment for inner peace, innovation, and transformation.  Part of creating that environment was engaging others to lead.  I realized that people will more eager to support what they helped to create.

My process:
1) Empower the students to take turns leading.
2) Guide parents on “how” to work with their children.
3) Educate other teachers on alternative and inclusive ways to teach.

How the Power of Wonder prospers?

As a result the children were able to evolve adversity into creativity.  By the end of the children were able to read to themselves and become reading buddies for other children. 

The other benefits we had as a result of cultivating The Power of Wonder,  is that we became more resourceful.   As a leader and teacher of the community, we had a surplus of resources, because everyone believed in our mission. The energy became contagious and we drew the resources of grants, volunteers, and supplies.

Building Community

Today I continue to work with different communities to create new strategies for learning, inclusivity, and growth.

I believe all life matters and one way to demonstrate my belief is to be love in action. The organizations below are some that I have helped with my art, fundraisers, and donations. They reflect our families, youth and our pets. These causes are important to me because often-times our youth and our beloved animals are the most vulnerable and yet the most powerful teachers of our world.

Love in Action

In moments of darkness and tragedy, it is important to support our humanity. (Below are some of the causes I was active in, Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Tragedy in Parkland & Pulse Night Club Tragedy of Orlando. Our communities came together in vigils & call for action.)

When our world mourns, we learn to rise on what matters– ALL LIFE MATTERS!