All of these works of art below are made with recycled paper and glue. There is no paint in any of the art below.

What inspired me to do these works of art, was being abused and locked in the closet at the age of four by a pre-school teacher. It is there where I discovered the magic of working with paper as a way to imagine a world other than the one I was in. (These are only some, most of them have been sold.)

The paper art I created in the janitor’s closet of a colorful world, led me to exhibit my artwork internationally at Art Basel Miami, Santa Fe, Southampton NY, & NYC.

Meet my little assistant, Lilly!

Lilly has inspired me to remember The Power of Wonder, in moments when I forget. Below are some of the art inspired by her. Made with paper, glue and a little love from Lilly. (A couple of licks.)

Lilly, Hamptons Cover Girl

You may find some of my other art on facebook and Instagram.
Heading Back to the drawing board, licks Lilly!